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    Hampi is a village belonging to the Bellary District of Northern Karnataka. It is located within the ruins of Vijayanagara. The place is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Once it was the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. Hampi was noted for wonderful palaces, holy temples, gigantic forts, markets, big pavilions, and stables of royal elephants.The most celebrated festival in Hampi is the Vijaya Utsav, known as Hampi Festival, held for three days during November. This attracts many tourists. The festival showcases special puppetry shows, music and dance followed by fireworks and a procession culminating the end of the festival. The place is an abode of architecture and culture with lot of ancient temples and monuments. Hampi without visiting Vijaya Vitthala Temple is incomplete. It is under maintenance and some part is inaccessible but a very good complex. The musical pillars of this temple are seen to be believed. They uniquely emit the sounds of whatever musical instrument is advertised on them. The chariot outside the temple is a marvel too. The Virupaksha Temple in Hampi, is noted for its architecture and has been listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    The best vacation spots attracting tourist here are; Anegundi Fort, Monolith Bull,  Old Palace, Queen's Bath, Matanga Hill, Daroji Bear Sanctuary, the Big Shivlinga, the Hanuman Temple, Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex,  Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, etc. The best time to visit the place is between September and February. Bellary is the nearest domestic airport and the nearest railhead is Hospet. There are various budget resorts and guest houses available for tourists in Hampi.

    Holiday rentals usually occur in privately owned holiday properties (vacation homes), so the variety of accommodation is broad and inconsistent. There are fully furnished properties in Hampi such as a holiday villa, apartment, cottage, guesthouses, or single-family-style home. You can arrange to rent the vacation rental property for a designated period of time. Some rent on nightly basis similar to hotel rooms, although the more prevalent vacation rental industry practice is typically weekly rentals. Vacation rentals can range from budget studio apartments to lavish. Some vacation rentals, offer many of the same services hotels offer to their guests, e.g., front desk check-in, 24-hour maintenance, in-house housekeeping, and concierge service. Different from bed and breakfasts, homestays are the rental of a single room in a house or apartment whose owners are supplementing their income by taking in transient visitors. We have listed the best in class holiday rental cottages, resorts, bed & breakfast, homestays, villas and guest houses in Hampi, Karnataka.

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