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Nashik is a city of Maharashtra. It is said that this was the abode of Lord Rama during his 14 years in exile. There are more than hundred holy shrines in this city. The Security Printing Press printing the Nation's currency is located here. As there are many vineyards in the city and is also the largest exporter of grapes in the country, the city is also known as the Wine Capital of India. The place is also known for its scenic surroundings and climate. There are many notable tourist spots in and near Nashik.

The main tourist attractions in Nashik are:

Ramkund: The place is also known as Asthi Vilaya Tirtha. This is a holy tank built by Chitrarao Khatarkar. It is believed that Rama and Sita used to bathe in this tank during their exile. It is in this tank of holy water or kund that religious Hindus even today, immerse a dead person's ashes so that the soul of the dead person can attain moksha or liberation. The ashes of numerous personalities such as Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Y B Chavan and others have been immersed at Ramkund. This is the spot where the river Godavari turns to right at an angle of 90 degrees, as Lord Ram is said to have taken his daily bath here, during his exile. This is also the place where hindus perform the last rite of their dead.

Muktidham Temple: This is a marble temple complex. There are replicas of 12 Jyotirlingas in the complex, which have been sanctified by sending to their respective pilgrimage centers. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna in the Muktidham complex. The wall of the temple has paintings depicting scenes from life of Krishna and Mahabharata. You can also find idols of all major Hindu Gods and Goddesses in the temple complex.

Kalaram Temple: This is an old Hindu shrine dedicated to Rama in the Panchavati area of Nashik city. There are several small temples such as the Vithal Temple, Ganapati Temple and Maruti Temple surrounding the temple.

Coin Museum: The Coin Museum is located in the scenic surroundings of Anjneri Hill. The museum houses a well-documented record of the history of Indian numismatics. From here you can gain a good knowledge of the various currency systems that existed in India down the ages. The museum also holds workshops to promote coin collection.

Pandavleni Caves: These caves are about 2000 years old. The Pandavleni Caves located on Trivashmi Hill was built by Jain kings. These 24 Caves were home to Jain saints such as Tirthankara Vrishabdeo, Veer Manibhadraji, and Ambikadevi. In these caves there are sculptures of Buddha and bodhisattvas. There are also several water tanks carved out of the rock.

The best time to visit Nashik is from November to March. The nearest railway station to Nashik is Nashik Road and the nearest airport to Nashik is Gandhinagar Airport, Nashik.

Nashik is known for its jewellery. From the shops here you can purchase beautiful little brass statues and beaded necklaces. There are many good eateries around Nashik.

There are numerous holiday homes available from the upper end to small local dharamshalas or guest houses in Nashik. We have listed some of the best budget holiday rentals in Nashik in our website. Our advanced search option helps you easily find the right holiday accommodations that fit your budget and convenience; travelers can always make direct contact with the property owner from our website before finalizing their reservations. We have also introduced friendly dormitories for Group, budget & cheap holiday stays.



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